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Seeking nurses interested in per diem shifts & short term contracts in Colorado and New Mexico.

Cat MedStaff hires local nurses and keeps them working locally. Local nurses are best because they return for years.

Are you a CNA, LVN, or RN in Colorado or New Mexico who wants to pick up high paying shifts within 50 miles of your home?

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David was a ICU travel nurse for six years and got plenty of float experience -- including to LTACHs & SNFs.

He will work with your facility to create education to orient our nurses best before they arrive for their first shift.

David Quevedo
Head of Sales
Roswell, NM

New Mexico Leadership

Alycea Russell
New Mexico Director
Roswell, NM

Colorado Leadership

Sandrín Molina
Colorado Director
Flagstaff, CO

The Real Life Plug

Chrissy Dillard
YouTube Director
Baltimore, MD


Sylvia Rodriguez Sanchez
TikTok Director
Rifle, CO

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